A 1/72 Stampe SV-4 built by Marcel Novy

   Does it look like a Tiger Moth? It indeed does. It is not one, however. Well, what it is then? While there were Tiger Moths soaring the skies over the Channel, in Belgium, they had this little Stampe SV.4 biplane, obviously very much Tiger Moth-like, and also possesing similar characteristics. This tiny beauty was produced in Belgium both in the pre-war years and in those following the war, fitted with the DH Gipsy Major powerplant. And much more of them could be seen in France powered by a Renault engine, licence built by SNCAN and the Atelier Industriel de l'Aéronautique d'Alger. The 1/72 kit of this bipe could be bought in four main versions, commissioned by Azur/Frrom. When I said could, it only means that there were four boxings, one of which is currently sold out, only three of them remaining on offer - FR0025, FR0026 and FR0027
   The photos today show Marcel's model of the Belgian SV.4B version. And because Marcel longed to portray his model as one of the only 35 pre-war built machines, he needed to convert FR0026 kit to the 1940 vintage Stampe SV.4B.


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