P35001 Small Arms for the Volkssturm Set I. in 1/35

 Today, let us introduce you to a whole new range of Special Hobby products, manufactured by the direct 3D print method and after this first one, more similar sets will follow. To distinguish them from resin cast sets, these 3D printed sets will come with orange cardboard in their blister, their catalogue number will always begin with letter P and the two following numbers will show the scale. In January, we will be releasing the first set  - P35001 Small  Arms for the Volkssturm Set I. in 1/35. The set will contain two MP3008 submachine guns of the second production style, one with metal arm rest, the other one with ersatz arm rest made of wood. Furthermore, you will also find in the set the 6.5mm Karabiner 409(i) – one of the most widely used Volkssturm rifles, originally the Italian Carcano Moscheto modelo 91 carbine. The final item in the set is the MG81, originally an aircraft machine gun, adapted for ground use, with a bi-pod. 


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