P35001 Small Arms for the Volkssturm Set I. in 1/35

 The first set of our latest, 3D-printed series of products, is already available, see here: P35001 Small Arms for the Volkssturm Set I. The set consits of two submachine guns MP3008 of the second production style, one with a metal type arm rest and the other one with war-time ersatz wooden arm rest. Next, the set also contains one of most widely used Volksturm rifles, the 6.5mm Karabiner 409(i), as was also known the ex-Italian Carcano Moscheto modelo 91 carbine. The final option is the originally anti aircraft machine gun MG 81 adapted for ground targets and fitted with a bipod. All these 3D-printed fire arms also come with photo-etched harness. Two more sets of the Volkssurm Fire Arms will follow, too, plus several more 3D printed products. The photos shown below depict all three Volkssurm Fire Arms sets together.




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