SA35008 Panzerbefehlswagen Command Tank - made available again

The Czechoslovak-built Lt.35 tank was introduced to the German Wehrmacht as the Pz.35(t). Some of the vehicles which had first taken part of the attack on the Benelux countries and during the early stage of the attack on the Soviet Union, were later rebuilt to the Pz.Bef.Wg. 35(t) command tank version - differing from the standard Pz.35(t) vehicles by having one machine gun removed and a wireless with a rather distinctive frame atenna installed.
  The model gets back to our offer now, available under a new catalogue number - SA35008. The kit consists of styrene sprues joined by a fret of etches, resin cast fuel jerry tanks and a instruction booklet prepared in our new standard. The decals cater for two machines which first took part in the attack on France and then fought against the Soviets. All the content of the kit can be very nicely inspected thanks to the photos below. We also inform the modellers about this release in this month's newsletter.



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