SH72462 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7Trop ‘Braving Sand and Snow’ in 1/72 - colour schemes + model PLT177 restocked

One more reboxing of Special Hobby's tiny and yet fabulously detailed Mess Bf 190E is to see light of the day soon, this time under the rather fancy name ‘Braving the Sand and Snow’ - which of course implicates the chosen schemes show airframes operated mainly over the hot desert of Northern Africa, but one was seen in the vast snowy plains of Ukraine, too. What, desert coloured kite battling the harsh and fierce climate of the Eastern Front? Yep, that is it, machine shown in Scheme A flew there in the winter 1941-42. 

One more thing to mention today, the resin kit of the iconic Czechoslovak pre-war fighter plane prototype, the 1/48 Avia B.35 PLT177 has been restocked again after a rather long absence. So why miss out this time?


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