MV128 Zetor 25 ‘Military w/Towbar for MiG 15/17s’ - a new 1/72 model in the pipeline

The 1/72 Zetor 25 model literally enchanted many of modellers who greatly appreciate the possibility to finaly build something different, non-military, colourful. So now let's wait and see whether you also appretiate the new Zetor 25 wearing military guise. The new model, MV128 differs from the MV129 civilian version by a couple of resin parts and etches, as well as by having another sheet of decals. And on top of all this, the kit also contains a new tow bar. And to make sure it retains the desired scale detail, the tow bar is produced by the way of direct 3D printing. When a Zetor with the tow bar was in military service, it usually towed some MiG jets, most often the -15s or -17s. Our test MiG is also ready with the printed tow bar now, while the tractor kits are still being in production so we all have to wait until 10 March. 



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