Let's help Ukraine together

Dear customers,
The second week of the popular DOZEN event was supposed to end this Sunday. Unfortunately, with what is happening in 21
st century Ukraine, so close to the Czech Republic, we have to stop the event now.
We decided to help Ukraine who is so bravely defending against unprovoked aggression. And with your help we can all do our part in supporting Ukraine. 
Starting midnight on Saturday March 5 until midnight on Sunday March 13, 2022, we will sell all our products (Special Hobby and CMK) with a 10% discount – which means that all registered customers get a 20% discount in total. We will send 25% of each sold kit to the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague. 
We hope many of you will join us in helping Ukraine to defend their freedom.
We will of course inform you of the final sum and we will post a proof of the bank transfer to the account of the Embassy of Ukraine here in Prague. 
Thank you.
Special Hobby


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