SA35009 Panhard 178B in 1/35 - boxart

   The coming months will see the release of the of the 1/35 SA35009 Panhard 178B model kit. The Panhard 178 was a French armoured vehicle, arguably one of the best in its class. First, he type was introduced to service with French military, and when France fell and surrendered to Germans, the vehicle went on serving with the Wehrmacht, too. When the war had eventually ended, the production of the Panhard 178 commenced once again, now in the improved variety (178B) fitted with a new turret and larger caliber 47mm cannon, while the prototype example was equipped with even larger, 75mm weapon. France military deployed their Panhards both on the mainland and overseas, in Africa as well as in Vietnam (then known as French Indochina). A few examples went to Syria, too.
   The basis of our model is the excellent Panhard 178 kit produced by ICM in Ukraine, joined by new-designed resin cast items, metal turned barrel of the 47mm cannon and a fret of etches. For those of modellers who also like what-if scenarios or even wargaming, we have also provided resin cast 75mm cannon barrel. The sheet of decals cater of markings for several French-operated vehicles including those deployed in Vietnam, then a vehicle from Syria and one with the 75mm gun. The boxart to our model kit has been very nicely computer-generated by A.Karidis.



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