Blue bird on a long flight over Europe, Africa and Asia (Aero 11 L-BUCD) - boxart

   This is the latest masterpiece made by our fabulous artist Standa Hajek and this very painting will proudly adorn the SH72471 Blue bird on a long floght over Europe, Africa and Asia (Aero 11 L-BUCD) model kit. This Aero 11, piloted by a important character of Czechoslovak aviation, (later General) Stanovsky, joined by mechanic Simek, undertook a long distance flight around Europe  (including the UK, Finland, Baltic countries etc) which also took them to the skies over North Africa and Anatolia (or Asia Minor). In fact, it was the very first flight of a Czechoslovak-built and Czechoslovak manned aeroplane over the Mediterranean with landing in Africa and Asia. The plane returned to Prague in June 1925. They were real pioneers, as skpt.Skala with his mechanic Taufer ventured on their Prague-Tokio flight two years later...
   The Blue Bird is scheduled to hit the market this june in limited quantity.


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