News from Special Hobby 04/2022

  Unfortunately, at the beginning of the March newsletter, I had to write about Putin´s unjustified attack on Ukraine, an independent and free state, under the grotesque pretext of denazification and demilitarization, and had started a war. A war waged by the Russians with brutality that exceeds human understanding. The massacre in Bucha, shelling of Mariupol, Kherson, Kharkov and Kyiv and the entire Russian invasion of Ukraine created a huge gap between the people of the two nations, a gap no-one will be able to get over. It has singled out Putin-led Russia from the civilized world. And yet, not only Ukrainians are the victim of the war, decent Russians are victims as well, those who have to live under the dictatorial regime which itself starts to resemble more than anything else cruel Nazi dictatorship. We must not give in to evil, the freedom of Ukraine is also our freedom. We, people living in Europe will have to tighten our belts we  definitely will lose some of our comfort – for the very reason that Europe must rid of its reliance on resources and raw materials coming from the state which leaders lie to the face of the world and threaten all with their nukes. But compared to what Ukrainians have to live in now, it will definitelly still be a luxury. We have no other option than to continue our help and support Ukraine to defend its freedom. We at Special Hobby do not just talk, we also act – a week long event was prepared to raise some funds and with the help from our customers, we were able to hand over about EUR 5,500 to the Embassy of Ukraine. That was certainly not a last event to support the just cause. We would like to thank each and every customer who has contributed to that effort, and simply to all those who show their support to the people of Ukraine.
   One of the models presented in this Newsletter closely relates to Ukraine – the limited release of he 1/35 SA35009 Panhard 178B model is based on the model produced by Ukrainian ICM and comes now with a wealth of resin conversion parts, turned metal barrel and a fret of etches. The quarterscale AJ-37 Viggen is re-released in a new guise and the 1/72 Meteor F.8/FR.9 in the colours of Middle East air forces is no doubt an attractive-looking model too. 
 So, what new products you can start looking for now? Many modellers will no doubt appreciate the new type of razor saw handle along with two new types of blades The one with triangular shape will be significant help in hard-to-reach areas while the so called multi shift type will allow cuts with variable depth. You can of course get a set combining the new handle with the new blades, it is called the Razor Saw Profi Set, but the saw can be obtained separately too. 
  Of all the new resin sets, let me point out the pilot and gunner figures set for Junkers Ju 87D/G kits and accessories for the 1/72 Airfix Wellington Mk.II model. As for the upcoming releases, the L-4 Grasshopper can be expected quite soon as well as the 1/48 Siebel Si 204E bomber type. In the 1/72 scale, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the ‘Blue Bird on a Long Flight over Europe, Africa and Asia’ which depicts the Aero A-11, the first aeroplane of Czechoslovak origin to fly over all those continets during the 1926 long-distance circular flight. The still very popular twin-seat 1/72 Mirage F.1B will also see the re-release. Of the resin cast sets or the 3D-printed items, let me mention the 1/35 Javelin and NLAW 3D-printed missiles. Yes the very missiles now being used by the Ukrainian military fighting off Putin aggression. And these missiles sets will get an addition soon in the shape of a few troops figures. In the pipeline, we also have a few undercarriage wheels and a pilots seat for the new 1/72 IGB Fw 190D kits. O do hope you are pleased with the announced offer and we are looking forward to seing your response in the amount of your new orders.

A. Riedel


Panhard 178B ‘47 mm Gun Late Turret’ Scale Barcode
100-SA35009 1/35 8594071088354

   The French Panhard 178 armoured vehicle, fitted with a 25mm cannon, was one of the best pre-war AFVs in its category. This was also the reason for the Wehmacht to have put these captured vehicles to use. When France was liberated in 1944, the production of the type was re-established. The new machines, known as the Panhard 178B, differed by having a new gun turret. While the prototype vehicle was armed with a 75mm cannon, the production ones got 47mm cannons instead. The French military deployed the Panhards in France, Africa, Madagascar and Vietnam. Some of the vehicles went also to Syria where they remained in service until the 1960s.
   The high quality ICM model of the Panhard 178 is joined here by a new turret of the 1/78 version, a couple of interior details, exterior parts specific for the 178B variety and weighed wheel tyres. The 47mm cannon barel is turned from metal. The 75mm barrel (the Panhard 178B with this sort of armament is a successful vehicle known from the WoT computer game) is resin cast. The decal sheet offers markings for French machines deployed both in Europe and overseas and for a machine fighting in Syria.
-    A version never kitted before
-    Finely detailed resin parts and etches
-    Contains also a metal-turned barrel 

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AJ-37 Viggen ‘Strike Fighter’ Scale Barcode
100-SH48216 1/48 8594071088583

   The SAAB 37 Viggen was an aircraft well ahead of its time. Unorthodox solutions chosen by its designers not only enabled the type to meet all the requirements, but to even surpass them in a couple of respects. The Swedish military ordered the jet in several various versions which all would share a common platform, which joined only by some special equipment would permit the operation in several various roles. The power plant used in the airframe was the Volvo RM8, which in fact was a licence-built Pratt & Whitney JT8D airliner turbofan fitted with the afterburner and thrust reverser. This chosen engine, alongside with the unique concept of delta wing and delta-shaped foreplanes gave the airframe  unique capabilities mainly during the take off and langing on short runways. For better handling in restricted spaces of auxiliary air bases, for easier storage in concrete hardened hangars and to allow better concealment of the aircraft in outside pens, the tail fin was designed as folding. The avionics of the type was the state of the art at that time, the Viggen was the very first fighter jet to be equipped with an integrated circuits computer. The first of the Viggens to be introduced to service with the Swedish air force was the AJ 37 Vigger, shortly followed by the SK 37 dual control fighter trainer, the SF 37 reconnaissance type with camera carried in the improved nose section and the SH-37 antishipping version with different avionics and specialised air-to-sea armament. In about ten years time after the first Viggen had entered the service, the second generation of the type came about, the pure fighter JA 37s.
  The initial version, which was the ground attack AJ-37, is now the subject of our model kit, which comes on nine styrene sprues joined by a fret of pre-painted etches. THe decal sheet offers markings for three Swedish colour options, one of which flew in natural metal scheme, the other two in typical Swedish splinter scheme.

-    Nicely detailed model
-    Decal sheet also offers meticulously researched set of stencils
-    Wide range of detail sets and paint masks also available

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Gloster Meteor Mk.8/9 ‘Middle East Meteors’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72463 1/72 8594071088637

      The Gloster Meteor was one of the world’s very first jet fighters. The first two versions of the Meteor were introduced into service with the RAF in time to see the deployment int he final stages of the war. The development of the type went on after the war, with the first post war version being the Mk.4. Next, more advanced F.8 fighter and FR.9 fighter-reconnaissance types were both operated by the RAF and exported to overseas forces. Besides several European air forces, these types also flew in Australia as well as with a couple of Middle Eastern countries, which as it happened were actually in war with each other. The Meteors became the first jets of the Israeli air force, but they were also pressed into service alongside Vampire jets in Egypt and Syria. 
   It was one of the fighter-recce FR.9s which claimed the very first ‘jet kills’ of the IAF. And this very machine is in the kit’s marking options, it is also depicted in the boxart. The kit also offer a camouflaged Israeli F.8 type, a Syrian one which also wore camouflage colours and the final option is an Egyptian F.8 with the green-white royal air force roundels

-    Large sheet of decals with complete set of stencils, both in English and Hebrew
-    interesting schemes 
-    first Mid East jet-to-jet combats 

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Bristol Beaufort Wheels 1/72 (for Airfix kit) Scale Barcode
129-7496 1/72 8595593129426

    New main undercarriage wheels for Airfix Beaufort Mk.I/II torpedo bomber models.
These weighed wheels sport much better detail than the kit parts.

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Wellington Mk.I/II Wheels 1/72 (for Airfix kit) Scale Barcode
129-7497 1/72 8595593129433

   Main undercarriage wheels designed for the Airfix Wellington Mk.IA/C kits. The wheel tyres are weighed and offer much better detail overall.

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Wellington Mk.II Exhausts 1/72 (for Airfix kit) Scale Barcode
129-7498 1/72 8595593129440

    New resin cast Merlin engine exhausts with fine detail, to be used on the Airfix Wellington Mk.II models.

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Ju-87D/G Stuka Pilot and Gunner 1/72
(recommended for Academy, Special Hobby and other kits) Scale Barcode
129-F72377 1/72 8595593129501

   Resin cast figures oozing with splendid detail, portraying both the standing pilot and rear gunned. Designed for the Junkers Ju 87D/G Stuka kits or for any other WW2 Luftwaffe bomber planes.

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Triangle razorsaw Scale Barcode
129-H1018 1/72 8595593129389

   New, triangle-shaped razor saw, great for cutting in hard-to-reach areas.

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Multi-shift RazorSaw Scale Barcode
129-H1019 1/72 8595593129396

   New razor saw with specially designed attachment openings, the blade can be positioned in the handle, thus making deeper cuts.

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Razor Saw Profi Set Scale Barcode
129-H1020 1/72 8595593129402

      A new type handle for our razor saws, can be used with the original ones and the later designs as well. Fits nicely the hand and work is easy. Also contains H1018 and H1019 spare saws.

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PT-579/588 Boat Life Raft 1/72 Scale Barcode
129-N72039 1/72 8595593129419

Resin cast life raft with better details thoughout, surpassing the original Revell kit item.

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