AH-1G Cobra in 1/48 - a model built by Tomas Studeby

Tomas Studeny of the Moravian city of Prostejov has been so very much kind to share with us a couple of photos of his latest build, the 1/48 AH-1G Cobra built from the kit no. SH48202. And as he longed to build a Cobra flown over Vietnam, he had to make use of a aftermarket decal sheet, namely that released by the Revi magazine. Not only did Tomas send the photos, he also phoned to SH saying how very much he enjoyed the build, that the model built almost itself with no extra effort. Describing the levels of pleasure Tomas experienced while building the model, he was using several very specific Moravian expressions, which even though meant the model is excellent, cannot be repeated here as they are a tiny bit rude at the same time. The only other thing the circumstances allow us to quote him here is that this definitely is not his last Cobra.


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