Creating 1/72 Figures - Photo Tutorial by the Author

   Quite regularly Special Hobby release 1/72 scale resin figures sets. And always their master patters are based on real period photos. But how does such master figure get its proper shape and form? This will be answered now by a brief photo tutorial made for us by the author of the fdigures, Czech modeller called Miloslav Anfeist.
   At the very beginning there usually is a sound idea and a bunch of period photos. The basis of each figure is a simple skeleton made from a thin piece of wire which step by step gets ‘dressed’ in layers of muscle made from putty. If the creator is happy, then a layer of clothes follows, then various other details on the legs and arms. The head itself is usually modelled separately and it never is a simple task to give the face proper expression, but Miloslav manages really skilfully even this task and his tiny 1/72 faces do look very much like their real-life counterparts.

first, a wire skeleton embedded in the casting block

the torso getting its shape

the head starts off as a mere drop of putty

and at the end, the head and the body get joined together

Perhaps it might seem rather straightforward but do believe it is just false impression. The whole operation requires an extremely skilled artist. 
The series of photos below now shows a pair of 1/72 figures that are due to get released this July, a 1/72 set no. F72380 Finnish WWII Fighter Pilot and Mechanic. Along the pilot who was the subject of the above piece, you will find also an apt mechanic with his tool box. A detailed series of photos of the Finnish guys took by O.Hajek.


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