Plastic Invasion on Kickstarter

Dear customers,

please have a look at the startup project Plastic invasion that we have decided to support. We really like their idea and hope you will join us in our support.

Special Hobby.

After four years of working on their first products, scale modeling startup Plastic Invasion is on Kickstarter now. Their collection contains a book and a total of 4 tutorial videos. The videos will guide you through the complete process of creating highly realistic models of Pz II tank and Me 262 Schwalbe, a total of 180+ minutes of detailed footage accompanied by a commentary.

And what is the book about? With the help of pictures of real soldiers at real locations, the book describes a total of six camouflage patterns used on German uniforms during World War II and provides readers with instructions on how to paint them with acrylic paints on figures in 1/35 scale. The book also contains a large number of photographs of uniforms, equipment and armaments of German soldiers taken in the studio environment.

Plastic Invasion

Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter - HERE.


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