Progress Report - machined and electro plated moulds

At the moment, the moulds clamped to the machines and being worked on are those for the 1/72 Aero 11 model (the second half of the wings mould) plus that with the 1/72 SPAD 510 small parts. The latter model is a bespoke project made to order from Azur/Frrom and is to be released in two boxings. And as usual with other models of this French company, a limited quantity will be available also for domestic (i.e. Czech) customers via our e-shop to avoid extra costs of transporting back to our country from France. 

The next set of today's images show the 1/72 Kriegsfischkutter model moulds - which are those treated with elecrto plating and are about to be put into the mould frames. The surface does not necessarily look appealing just yet, let us assure you the moulds will get a proper clean up.


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