129-P48001 Panzerfaust (1/48) and 129-P35007 Panzerfaust 3 (1/35)

A pair of new 3D-printed sets to become available shortly will portray the Panzerfaust weapon. Each of the two sets, however, contains a different weapon. The 1/48 scale set no. P48001 focuses on the second world war era weapon and offers no less than four of them as well as their transport crate. And it is up to the modeller to decide now, the missiles can be displayed next to the crate or, as also shown in the image below, stored inside the box. This quarterscale set is an upscale of the earlier 1/72 set and as it might be expected,  the levels of detail are also better now, a sheet of decals comes with the set with the stencilling both for the Panzerfaust and the crate.
In 1/35 scale, the upcoming set cat.no. P35007 depicts the modern time Panzerfaust 3 missile, a highly successful anti-tank weapon in current use also with the Ukraine forces in their effort to defend their country against Russian occupants. This large scale set will also offer a sheet of decals and a variety of war heads.


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