1/48 L-4 Grasshopper build progress, the engine design improved

   Martin Pfeifer, our long-time collaborator, is at present making besides other models also one of our hottest news, the quarter scale L-4 Grasshopper, model kit no. SH48218. And he has also paid a visit with the partially built model so that we could take a few photos. 
   One of the detail sets to become available alongside the kit is also the resin of the power unit. Our sets designer had instructed to prepare the 3D data for the set pattern master, did so and had the unit 3D printed. It was intended to make the set via the usual method of resin casting, and the item number should have been 4453 and as such it was published and advertised. Then, I went, says our production manager Alfred Reidel, on my annual vacation. It happened only when I was peacefuly enjoing my time off work that the colleagues realised that such a tiny and yet full of detail thing  as was the L-4's engine was much too complex both for an easy assembly an for resin casting. Then, they decided to alter and improve the design and so prepared it for the 3D print type of production - the whole power unit including its covering panels. And it definitely was worth the effort as the photos below do show. Now you only need to carefuly remove the print supports and paint the whole unit. The set got a new number in the range of 3D printed sets and now it is cat.no. P48002.


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