1/48 SH48217 Aero C-3B marking schemes plus 1/72 SH72352 Mirage IIICJ build, pt.1

   This instalment of Special Hobby blogs aims to bring you a bit more detailed information on two of this September's new releases. First, let us show you the marking and colour schemes of the Czechoslovak Aero C-3B, kit no. SH48217, then we have for you a few work-in-progress photos of the brand new release, the 1/72 Mirage IIICJ French jet fighter, to be released in only a few days under cat.no SH72352.
   So far, building the Mirage kit has been without any snags at all, at least to me. The fit overall is extemely fine but it also means that the kit does not forgive any mistake on modeller's part, you simply have to almost fiddle with the parts prior to cementing them together. Take care, be patient, do not rush it, but this all is  a synonym to our hobby, is it not. What I was afraid of a bit was how the fuselage sides would fit to the rear section (two of which are on the sprues), but again, it was simply enough to clean up the parts quite meticulously from the excess plastic where the gates were located, then dry join the parts and let the extra thin styrene glue (my choice has been Tamiya) flow into the joint, smearing it with the brush on the inside of the parts. The cockpit area is without any issue as well. The nozzle rear section is first painted in black primer to allow for later application of burnt metal paint later. And this shade is to be used on the other nozzle parts, too. The lower wing requires a few reinforcement panels and antennae to be removed (these are okay for other versions though) and re-create tiny stretches of panel lines. 


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