News from Special Hobby 09/2022

   We are here now to kick off this autumn season really big style – with the Mirage IIIC kit. Yes the Mirage has been announced for a rather long time and voila here it is, finally. And I am really very much tempted to say that the kit is trully superb. To  get released along with the kit, we have also prepared a set of painting  masks and sometimes next month, you can also expect a few more resin sets designed for the exquisite little gem named the Mirage. These will cover the undercarriage wheels and the Atar 9B jet engine nozzle. There is also a second model release scheduled for this month, the Aero C-3B, this time with the pre-cut masks set available, too. Several sets for the Aero are already on the offer. And the third new kit I need to mention now is the Aero Ab-11 called the Blue Bird, an aeroplane very much connected with the Czechoslovak aviation history. 
   In no way less interesting are all the accessories and detail sets we have for you this month. First, however, let me announce a slight change – yes we have announced a resin cast engine set for the 1/48 Specia Hobby L-4 Grasshopper kit. It became clear very soon that the engine itself is quite small and yet a very much complex item to be made by resin casting. So the decision has been taken to alter the production method and make the engine by the direct 3D print instead. So, do not try to find the engine among resin sets please, do look into the offer of 3D-printed parts. Therefore it also no longer bears the 4453 and is offered under P48002. To mention the other sets, too, let me tempt you to the already announced Panzerfaust 3 in 1/35 and WW2 Panzerfaust missiles in a transport crate, this time in 1/48. Among the resin cast sets, let me now point your attention to a couple of figure sets, namely the 1/32 scale RAF pilot that will very nicely accompany the Special Hobby’s Westland Whirlwind and a similarly designed pilot in 1/48 scale.
   Many other interesting new releases as well as reissues can be expected also in the few months to come. Arguably the most interesting of them all will be the 1/48 scale Bugatti 100 Racer and we expect nothing less from the model than its smaller cousin, the 1/72 Bugatti, achieved in the field of marketability. The 1/48 L-39ZA Albatros and the 1/72 CH-37 Mojave helicopter are among others that will get re-released soon. And that is simply not all, let us also mention new reboxings of the highly successful Bf 109E and Junkers Ju 87D Stuka kits. We do look forward to seing your orders coming.

A.    Riedel


Aero C-3B ‘Czechoslovak Bomber-Trainer’ 1/48

   The Siebel Si 204A and Si 204D were the transport training versions of the twin-engined aircraft designed and built for the Lufthansa and, mainly, for the Luftwaffe. A bomber trainer version was also built during the war which was capable of taking night bombing missions, too. Known as the Si 204E, two prototype machines were built and a small batch designated Si 204E-0. These machines were used for nocturnal bombing missions, among other also in Slovakia to suppress the Slovak national uprising. After the war, the production of the type went on in Czechoslovakia, where the type got the Aero C-3B military designation, and they meant much more for the fledgling air force than they did for Germans. At first, they were meant to assist the training of the air crews. The February 1948 pro-communist coup brought about the virtual impossibility of acquiring new, state of the art aircraft from the West as well as it meant the end of spare parts supplies for the Mosquito and other aircraft already in Czech service. The communist regime also began to build an oversized army and air force in truly megalomaniac fashion common for other communist block countries, too. What they were not able to do, however, was to produce modern aircraft, nor was the Soviet Union able to deliver such equipment to them. So the outdated Siebels were to stay in service as a mainstay of the bomber force well until 1955 when Soviet jet bombers eventually arrived.    
   The model kit consists of as many as nine grey styrene sprues, two clear plastic sprues and a sheet of decals covering three Czechoslovak Air Force machines.

-    a very attractive version
-    both the interior and exterior offer nice levels of detail
-    sets and figures for the model are also available, separately

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Mirage IIICJ 1/72

   The Mirage IIICJ became the symbol of the Israeli air superiority during the wars with the neighbouring Arab countries. The Mach Two, high performance, delta wing fighter aeroplanes were produced by French Dassault, but the Israeli CJ version differed from the airframes built for the French military by not being fitted with the rocket booster motor. The Israeli Mirages took part in the War over Water, Six Day War, Attrition War and the Yom Kippur War as well as several more minor clashes. In its air superiority role, the Mirage did very well indeed, and many of their pilots quickly became aces. 
   As many as seven styrene sprues plus one with clear parts in the kit are joined by a decal sheet with markings for four IAF machines with the earlier powerplant, the Atar 9B jet engine.

-    Superbly detailed model
-    Colourful and eye-catching schemes and decals
-    And also a ‘Black’ Mirage completely covered in soot from the explosion of an Arab jet that it had just           shot down.
-    Pre-cut masks also available, resin detail sets being developed at the moment

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Blue bird on a long flight over Europe,
Africa and Asia (Aero 11 L-BUCD) 1/72

   The Aero A-11 was amongst the best Czechoslovak-made aircraft of the 1920s. No wonder then that the type was chosen by the crew of  Stabni Kapitan (Sqn/L) Stanovsky and his mechanic Simek for their long distance flight around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East which took place in May and June 1926. For its distinctive colour, their machine was aptly named The Blue Bird. Now it gives us really big pleasure to replicate this important piece of Czech aviation history and release the model kit of the Aero A-11 biplane – even though only in a limited series. The kit contains two styrene sprues, one clear sprue with a pair of windscreens and a sheet of decals


-    limited batch only
-    attractive colour option
-    extremely attractive history of this particular aeroplane

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Mirage IIIC MASK 1/72

This set of pre-cut painting masks is designed to fit the new Special Hobby Mirage IIIC kit and enables you to paint the clear parts as well as the wheel hubs.

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Siebel Si 204E / Aero C-3B MASK 1/48

 This set of pre-cut masks will be of great help for those who embark on building the Siebel Si 204E bomber as well as its Czechoslovak post-war variety, the Aero C-3B (kits SH48212 and SH48217). The set offers masks for the clear parts and undercarriage wheel hubs.

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RAF Whirlwind Fighter Pilot (1942) 1/32  / for Special Hobby Whirlwind and RAF other planes

   The figure of a standing RAF pilot has been mainly designed for the Westland Whirlwind model. Can be used with another RAF aircraft model as well. Besides the finely cast resin parts, the set also contains a small fret of etches.

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RAF WWII Fighter Pilot (1942) 1/48

   Superbly designed figure of a fighter pilot in relaxed pose with realistic texture of the clothing and equipment. Comes with photo etched fret of the jacket belt.

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L-4 Grasshopper Engine (Continental O-170-3) 1/48 / for Special Hobby kit

Dear customers, we do apolgize for any inconvenience caused, this item has been cancelled. Instead, the engine can be found among our 3D-printed sets, under P48002. More info in this newsletter.

Beaufighter Mk.I/VI Mainwheels - Early Wheel Disk / Block Tread Pattern 1/72

   Finely detailed wheels, weighed tyres with block tread pattern and the early type wheel hub with openings, this all makes it a excellent set for the new 1/72 Beaufighter models made by Airfix as well as by other manufacturers.

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Sd.Kfz 250 / Sd.Kfz 10 Tracks 1/72 / for Special Armour kit

  This set offers very nicely detailed resin cast tracks for German half-track vehicles of both the Sd.Kfz 250 and Sd.Kfz 10 type, as they shared the same type of the chassis. These resin cast tracks much higher level of details compared with the original styrene ones. And we would also like to recommend the use of set B72105 – resin cast wheels of the front steerable axle.

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3D Printed Parts

Transport box with Panzerfausts  1/48

   Finely 3D-printed quartet of the panzerfaust missile plus their transport crate. Also contains a sheet of decals with some stencilling both for the box and the weapons.

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L-4 Grasshopper Engine (Continental O-170-3) 1/48 / for Special Hobby kit

   This 3D-printed engine is a very fine one-piece affair, being designed and printed already with the engine bearers, bulkhead and all the various tubing. Only the engine covering panels are made separately. The set replaces the cancelled resin 4453 set and offers substantially better detail and easier assembly  throughout.

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3D Printed Parts

Panzerfaust 3 - Modern Recoilless Anti-tank Weapon 1/35

   3D-printed set portraying the modern time variety of the iconic Panzerfaust missile, which also found its use these days in Ukraine in their heroic effort to battle the invading Russian army. The set contains several types of the war head, designed against various targets. The war heads differ in their shape and also have various styles of the impact fuses. Also contains a small sheet of decals.

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