The 1/72 Blue Bird on Finals now - SH72471 Aero Ab 11 L-BUCD

The final stages of our work on the SH72471 Aero Ab 11 kit, dubbed the Blue Bird" have been accompanied by a few difficulties and adversity, and so the project got into a bit of a slip. But the whole Special Hobby team are doing their best to get the model on the hobby shop shelves soon. The fuselage sprues are already being produced, the wing and small parts sprue mould has also been tested and some test shots made. As you can see in the photos hastily taken with a mobile, about every fifth shot suffers from some imperfection and about ever tenth one has some flashes, or excess styrene on the sprue. And the moulds also need to get a proper polishing and some final bugs tweaked. But in all, we believe we are on the right track now.... Keep your fingers crossed.


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