Conversion and Figures on Finals - 4455 Sukhoi Su-22M-3K Fitter J (Tumansky R-29BS-300 engine) Conversion in 1/48 and F72385 Avia S-199 Pilot and Mechanic in 1/72

   One of the 1/48 CMK sets almost on finals now is also the conversion from the Su-22M3/3 to the Su.33M-3K Fitter J with the Tumansky jet engine. The converison is designed to be used with the Kitty Hawk model and was created in the collaboration between Special Hobby and Vespa Model Kit of Peru, a company of our pal Amaru Tincopy. And needs to be said now that our take on this conversion brings some advantages, as for example the several parts of the burner itself are rather difficult to assemble right, so we circumvented this issue and now you can have this item as a one piece, a true gem made possible by direct 3D printing. 

  One ore thing we need to mention today, the F72385 Avia S-199 Pilot and Mechanic set in 1/72, a true domestic affair which will very nicely fit not just the Avia S-199 models, but of course any other aeroplane of the Czechosloval Air Force of that time, such as for example the S-98 type also known as the Spitfire Mk.IX to modellers abroad. You may think you have already seen a sight like this before, well you are of course right, the photo wa widely circulated in propaganda materials then and lately, it was also published on the title page of one of the recent Revi magazines. 


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