Murphy's Law in the life of a model maker - 1/72 Aero Ab-11

   While we have been preparing the 1/72 scale SH72471 Aero Ab-11 'Blue Bird' model, it has proved on several occasions that the most famous of all Murphy's Laws - if something can go wrong, it will go wrong - does work, what is more, it works completely, naturally, perfectly and without any flaws or glitches. Conversely, such flaws do appear - in case of the Blue Bird moulding blocks - in a degree not seen anytime before. Our team are working hard, really hard to fix all the issues, and not to make any more mess :-) Put simply - we think we are almost there, on finals with this project, touch wood! Today's photos show the first test shot model assembled, a few images taken of the Blue Bird moulds being fixed, and lastly also the machining of the 1/48 Bugatti 100 smal parts mould being worked on.

Keep your fingers crossed :-)


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