News from Special Hobby 10/2022

   To get to our readers in time, each of our regular newsletters needs to be prepared and written well ahead of the issue date. And when I was writing in the previous one that the third new model to become available this September would be a very interesting aeroplane with an important connection to the history of Czechoslovak aviation – The Blue Bird or the Aero Ab-11 (SH72471), I really did not realise how very much wrong I was. Now I have to admit that the Murphy’s law has worked incredibly well all along the work on this project, and especially well worked the first and most important of the laws – if anything at all can go wrong, it will. Some setbacks had already appeared before the final and most crucial stages of the Blue Bird project, but when we got to finals, almost every aspect went simply wrong and the project got stuck. So, here we are now, the Blue Bird coming your way with a month of delay.

   Other good news is, all the other models and sets are ready for you now, really. Now let me point out mainly the 1/72 Mirage IIIC detail sets which have been available since September. The Wheels and the Atar 9B nozzle are just the very beginning, more sets for the Mirage kit are coming. The Sukhoi Su-22M-3K Fitter J (Tumansky R-29BS-300 engine) is also a highly interesting product which I believe is worth your attention. The set simply replaces the whole rear fuselage section of the Kitty Hawk’s Su-22M3/M4 model, turning it into a version with a different power plant. 
   The end of the year is inevitably getting nearer. What do the final two months have in the pipeline for you? For November, we can certainly promise the release of the 1/48 SH48226 Breda 65A-80 ‘Aviazione Legionaria’, a short wing variety of our 1/72 scale family of the Stuka – the SH72470 Junkers Ju 87D-3 Stuka ‘Stuka Experten’ plus one more of the 1/72 Emils – this time with unique looking colour schemes – kit no. SH72472 Messerschmitt Bf 109E ‘Slovak and Rumanian Aces’. And in December, you might start looking for 1/72 SH72475 Heinkel He 162A Spatz ‘Captured Birds’, 1/48 SH48222 L-4 ‘Cub in Post War Service’ and 1/32 SH32083 Fiat G.50B Bicomando. And let me tempt you with the prospects for the new year releases which I intend to mention in the next Newsletter which will come out in November. 

A. Riedel


L-39ZA/ZA ART Albatros 1/48

The L-39 Albatros is a Czechoslovak jet aircraft that was used for pilot training throughtout the Warsaw Pact and was also successfully exported to many Third World countries. A light attack version was also developed and known as the L-39ZA, which featured a strenghtened wing structure with hardpoints enabling the type to carry external armament and was also equipped with a belly 23mm twin barrel cannon GSh-23.  The L-39 still remain in service even after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, and found its way also to military of some new NATO member countries. The avionics of Czech and Slovak machines underwent an upgrading programme, newly produced machines of this standard were exported too, one of the most important export contracts was for the modernised L-39ZA/ART for Thailand.
   Kit no.SH48171 -  which is back on offer in limited quantity only - comes on three styrene sprues and contains also one clear sprue with the canopy which is split up into several sections and allows the modeller to display the canopy in open position. Resin parts and a set of photo-etches is also in the kit.  The decal sheet has markings for one Thai L-39ZA/ART machine, a Czech L-39ZA in two various schemes and an Algerian L-39 which is depicted in three various schemes (the machine was overhauled at Aero following a hard landing). The final option brough via the decal sheet and camo schemes is a Czech machine as test-flown by Israeli pilots and wearing IAF markings.

-    Unusually attractive schemes and markings
-    Photo etches and detail resin parts already in the box

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Gloster Meteor T Mk.7 1/72

      The Meteor T.7 two seater was among the most widely used jet trainer aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s and saw service with the British military as well as with many various overseas air forces.
   Our model of the T.7 comes with three marking options, first you will have the attractive, overall red display machine flown by Gloster’s factory test pilot, then there is a overal aluminium aircraft of No.43 Sqn RAF which is found to bear a connection with a pilot of Czechoslovak origin and lastly the kit also covers a machine as flown in the Netherlands.
-    Interesting schemes and decals
-    Masks already available, sets being developed

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T-33  'Japanese and South American T-Birds' 1/32


We have restocked the kit of one of the most famous American training planes. No else jet trainer has been produced in larger numbers than the T-33. With the exception of Antarctica and Australia, the T-bird was operated world-wide. The kit offers – six styrene sprues, one sprue with clear parts, full colour instruction manual, pre-painted photo etches, resin cast details and a sheet of decals.
- Nicely detailed model
- Etches and resin set already in the box\
- Famous machine wearing unique colour schemes
- Decals offer a sharkmouthed machine flown in Guatemala, a Peruvian T-33 and one as operated by the JASDF.



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Blue bird on a long flight over Europe, Africa and Asia
(Aero Ab-11 L-BUCD) 1/72

   The Aero A-11 was amongst the best Czechoslovak-made aircraft of the 1920s. No wonder then that the type was chosen by the crew of  Stabni Kapitan (Sqn/L) Stanovsky and his mechanic Simek for their long distance flight around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East which took place in May and June 1926. For its distinctive colour, their machine was aptly named The Blue Bird. Now it gives us really big pleasure to replicate this important piece of Czech aviation history and release the model kit of the Aero A-11 biplane – even though only in a limited series. The kit contains two styrene sprues, one clear sprue with a pair of windscreens and a sheet of decals

 -    limited batch only
-    attractive colour option
-    extremely attractive history of this particular aeroplane

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Meteor T Mk.7 MASK 1/72

   Those who are going to build the Meteor T Mk.7 kit  will no doubt have their task easier with using this set of pre-cut masks for botht he clear parts and undercarriage wheels.

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L-39ZA Albatros MASK 1/48

   A set of pre-cut masks designed for the L-39ZA kit. Offers masks for the canopy and undercarriage wheel hubs.

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Ki-84 Hayate Cockpit 1/72 / for Arma Hobby kits

    The new Ki-84 Hayate kit will benefit from the addition of our cockpit detail set which also comes with a fret of etched details.

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Beaufort Mk.I Interior 1/72 / for Airfix kit

    The original styrene parts of Beaufort’s cockpit are now directly replaced with much better detailed resin items and etches of this set.

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Sukhoi Su-22M-3K Fitter J (Tumansky R-29BS-300 engine) Conversion 1/48 / for Kitty Hawk kit

   The Sukhoi aircraft of the Su-17/22 family came out of the production plant with two types of the engine. They could be either fitted with a Lyulka jet of the Al-7F-1 or AL-21F-3 types, or with Tumansky R-29BS-300 power unit which differed in size from the Lyulkas. The 1/48 kit made by Kitty Hawk offers only one variety of the rear fuselage section as used with the AL-21F-3 unit. This set which has been made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Vespa Model Kit company from Peru, brings you the parts needed to convert the Kitty Hawk model to the variety with the Tumansky R-29BS-300  engine. Not only contians this set the differing rear fuselage, it also contains the differnt vertical tail unit and a sheet of decals covering Russian, Libyan and a South Yemen airframes.

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Mirage IIIC Wheels 1/72

   Resin cast undercarriage wheels with more details directly replace those from the new Special Hobby’s kit.

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Mirage IIIC Atar 9B Engine Nozzle 1/72

   This nicely detailed Atar 9B jet engine nozzle is designed to fit the new Mirage IIIC kit made by Special Hobby. In contrast with the original styrene item, this new nozzle comes in just one part and bring better detail throughout.

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Avia S-199 Pilot and Mechanic 1/72 / for Eduard and other kits 1/72

 A Czechoslovak Air Force pilot takes over the S-199 fighter from a member of the ground crew, who is reporting to him. A situation like this is depicted in a very well known, almost iconic period photograph, and this very image was indeed used to create the figure set now presented and described. 
What more there is to be added? The pilot has his chute over the shoulder while the mechanics stands to attention.

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