A Desert Meteor - the F.8 variety of the iconic twin jet as built by Patric Branley

M. Patric Branley, an exellent modeller from France and also our mate has been so very kind to send us a few photos of his latest modelling achievement built from a SH-produced kit - the Syrian scheme wearing Meteor F.8. Well we have to admin that Sand and Spinach colours simply go rather well with the sleek airframe of this iconic British bird. So, our very big thank you goes to Patrick as well as our best wishes as Patric has recently had a birthday. Just to make today's piece complete, the model Patric used is - SH72463 Gloster Meteor Mk.8/9 ‘Middle East Meteors’. The decal sheet in this issue caters for four rather colourful and interesting schemes, there is also one as flown by the Royal Egyptian Air Force and then two more from the other side, birds flown over the State of Israel.


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