Aero Ab-11 Blue Bird by Martin Pfeifer - and what a model it is!

The Blue Bird, or officially known as the Aero Ab-11 with registration L-BUCD, a model of which has been built by Martin Pfeifer from kit SH72471 in an almost record breaking time. The images we share with you today have been taken by O.Hajel with as many detail in them as is quite unnecessary, as Martin says. The model is set against a backdrop whose location will be known to experts, of course and with the company of a four-legged beast (we would say a cow) as a reminiscence of the pre-flight situation when bad weather caused a few-days long delay. And with no flying possible ahead, the grass-covered airfield at Prague Kbely was used for more mundane purpose - the livestock simply grazed there. The cow does not come with the model, but we have one for you in this set: F72346


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