SH48226 Breda Ba.65A-80 ‘Aviazione Legionaria’ in 1/48

  The SH48226 Breda Ba 65 model brings back the Breda dive bomber to our offer and now with the colour schemes portraying ‘Aviazione Legionaria’ machines that took part in the Battle of the Ebro. They were Italian-operated aircraft fighting in the Spanish Civil War, where also the finest hour of these machines came. Later, during WW2, the Bredas were taking rather the back seat. 
   The model itself, as mentioned before, was already released some time ago and is not a match to our more contemporary models. However, we believe that the model resembles its real counterpart nicely, features interesting colour schemes and many a modeller hopefuly might fancy building this kite.  And not to forget, a set of pre-cut masks is also available under M48012.


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