A couple more sets for the PT Boats

The US fast patrol PT boats are a real phenomenon of WW2. Two of them have been also kitted by German Revell, namely the earlier PT-109 and the later type PT579/588. For the PT-109, Special Hobby offers several sets: N72033, N72034, N72035 and N72036. For the model of the latter type, we have set no: N72039, with more to come soon. Set no. N72030 with the Mk.4 20mm Oerlikon cannon can be used both for the PT-109 and for the later versions. While only for the PT579/588 can be used the already announced sets (see here) plus also the upcoming N72042 PT Boat Weapon Set No.5 - 37 mm M9 Autocannon and N72043 PT-579/588 Engine Compartment Ventilation.


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