A pair of Beasts - the Dorneir Do 27s in the Zebra and Kangaroo Guise

Well what a coincidence today, really. A set of very nice photos has arrived showing Mr.Jaroslav Supik's wonderful builds, two Dornier Do27 models built from SH72349 kit sets. And we are also releasing the SS025 Simple Set, which contains all the styrene and clear plastic parts needed to build another replica of the same type, just that you need do add some decals of your own choice. So, what to do now? You might buy a complete Dornier kit and torture yourselves picking only one scheme, or as we would like to recommend, get yourselves the Simple Set as well and use the remaining decals to build one more model, as Jarda Supik did, too. And as he says, the model goes along without any hitch, so there is definitely a modelling feast ahead of you. Do not also miss the various masks, figures and detail sets! And last but not least - our huge thank you goes to Mr.Supik!


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