SH72465 DB-8A3/N - decal sheet design unveiled

   Very early next year the Dutch  DB-8A3/N version of the Northrop/Douglas A-17/DB-8 bomber aeroplane is scheduled for its re-release. However, it is not going to be a standard type of re-release as now you will also get some extra parts as the fret of etched details and a resin cast bomb rack. 
    In 1940, the Dutch put these single-engine bomber planes into service agianst the invading German forces. The machines even did not fly in their intended role, they served as true fighter planes instead. Their front-line deployment began on 10 May 1940 and lasted until..... well, until the very same day indeed. The brave crews of the DBs attacked the Luftwaffe's Ju52 transports and managed to down some of them, only to find themselves shot down too by the Bf 110 escort fighters. The German twins attacked fast and precisely. 
   Our upcoming release has its decal sheet already designed, now we can share its image here with you. Two of the airframes portrayed had scored on that May day. And the last aiframe option is a machine captured by the Germans.


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