SH48209 SK-37 Viggen Trainer - coming soon

The 1/72 SH72381 SK-37 Viggen Trainer kit is also among our January 2023 new releases, And to make happy those who prefer the 1/48 scale, the larger cousin will also follow shortly -this one being kit no. SH48209, depicting the very same version and sharing the same box art and colour schemes. As our previous quarterscale Viggen, kit SH48150 SK-37E two seat, electronic warfare version is already sold out, we did not want to leave you without any large scale Viggen to buy and decided to upscale and release the Viggen Trainer  now.  The kit will also include a fret of new, pre-coloured etches, as the instrument panels of the SK-37 and SK-37E versions were not identical. 


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