SH72475 Heinkel He 162A Spatz ‘Captured Birds’ - a 1/72 model built by Martin Mígl

   You will have known that the SH72475 Heinkel He 162A Spatz ‘Captured Birds’ is our January 2023 new release which is on the shop shelves for only a very few days now. So how come Martin has already built and very nicely too his one in the Soviet colours? 
   Well Martin is not some sort of a modelling Superman, even though his builds are really the top notch. He, being a member of the Merry Modellers Club, simply got the sample kit some time before the winter holiday so he had no trouble at all to finish the model before all the others will be able to get their the regular way. And we have to admit, that even though bearing the now much disliked red stars, Martin's model do look fabulous in its overall silver finish. And in the case you get tempted by this model, do know that along with it, you can also purchase the  M72030 masks,7443 He 162 engine set, 7444 He 162 Gun Bays, Q72361 He 162 Seat,  Q72362 He 162 Wheels, F72365 pilot figures and F72372 mechanic figures sets. The last two mentioned might be possibly better suited for the SH72341 He 162 kit which has the machines in German markings. Today's photos show both the built model and the contents of the model kit that is arguably among the very best of our offer.


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