Upcoming 1/48 CMK Armament Sets

Scheduled for early 2023 release, well among manyothers, are also there three sets depicting some examples of US armament. We will have for you two styles of the 2000lb bomb: CMK 4458 2000 Lb Bomb AN-M66A2 equipped with Fin Assembly M116A1 (2 pcs.) and CMK 4459 2000 Lb Bomb AN-M66A2 equipped with Conical Fin Assembly M130  (2 pcs.). While to former was used during WW2, the Korea War and also in the VIetnam War on propeller planes, the latter one, differing by its stabilizing fins, was usually fitted to jet planes in Vietnam. All these bombs will be made from resin and their tail sections 3D printed. And besides these bomb sets, we also have the Zuni launcher set in the pipe-line, set no. CMK 4460 LAU-33 Zuni Rocket Launcher (2 pcs.) 


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