4458 2000 Lb Bomb AN-M66A2 equipped with Fin Assembly M116A1 (2 pcs.) in 1/48 - New CMK set

  Set 4458 got rather lengthy name the 2000 Lb Bomb AN-M66A2 equipped with Fin Assembly M116A1 (2 pcs.) in 1/48. And what you can expect from such named thing? The AN-M66A2 was one of very widely used bomb types which use by US military spanned from WW2 to the Korea War and even to the War in Vietnam. In WW2, the bomb was used not just by the USAAF (on their P47, A20, A-26, B-25, B-26, B-17, B-24 and even on the B-29 and on possibly even more aircraft), but these bombs were also offered to the Allied air forces, so also British bomber planes or Soviet types would carry them. Down under, the Beauforts of the RAAF were fitted with these bombs even more often than they carried torpedoes. The war stocks of the bombs were so large that the M66 saw use in the Korea War and after some improvement of the tail section (to make possible the use on faster jet planes) also during the Vietnam War. But that is a bit different story which will be covered by us later.
   The set depicted today contains two bomb centre sections made of resin which are to be joined with 3D printed tail units of the M116A1 variety, the set also offers etched propeller fuses and a sheet of decals. 


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