KfK Boat hull new photos and a book announcement

   With today's trio of photos we would like to revisit the already announced Kriegsfischkutter model which earlier photos were posted a few days back, when our photographer Ondra was taking some time off work. Now he is back and I need to humbly admit he is much better at making photos then myself. And yes there is a tiny but important addition to these testshots in the form of the assembly pins. So these photos do differ from the previous ones 😏
   What I really meant to do today is to point out the release of the second part of Zdenek Hurt and Jan Rail's book Pod kridly RAF (Under the Wings of the RAF). And again really excellent publication indeed. The book charts the life stories of ex-RAF Czechoslovak airmen following the communist coup in 1948. The book is packed full with previously unknown information. What I appreciate most is the new information on the Czech pilost flying Mosquitoes. So, highly recommended for those interested in Czechoslovak aviation. And I hope that I might find among our models kits some more with the connection to Czech pilots as it happened when I was reading the first volume of the book and realised that our Tempest Mk.6 had connection to Czech airmen Frantisek Bartos. And as the alphabetic list of airmen in this second volume ends with letter M, it is expected that at least one more volume is to come. Can't wait!


  1. I'm really excited about the Kriegsfischkutter. We need more 1/72 boat and ships. Can't wait to see the next set of photos.


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