New Special Hobby models to be released in 2023

So the final day of the Nuremberg Toy and Model Fair is over. It was rather quitet day really, unlike those before it when I sometimes even had not had the chance to gulp something down the whole day. The Sunday was really different so I also found some time to start penning down first few thoughts for the February Newsletter. The new items to be available this month are already being completed and boxed so that all of them could become available by the 10th. This time, we have for you as many  as five injection moulded new kits. And we also need to satiate your hunger for any planned releases - so the almost complete list is here for you, just scroll down. Why only almost complete? We must keep a few things unveiled so you might be pleasantly suprised later :-)

Special Hobby kits 2023                               

Special Armour 1/72                     

SA72005              Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.B (Neue Ausführung)              1/72

SA72017              Sleuch Slepper 1/72

SA72028              Rheinbote German WWII tactical ground to ground V4 Rocket 1/72


Special Hobby 1/32                       

SH32044              Fiat G.50-II Freccia "Finnish Aces"           1/32

SH32084              Ki-79      1/32

SH32087              T-2 Buckeye ‘Special Markings’ 1/32

SH32088              Westland Whirlwind FB Mk.I ‘Fighter-Bomber’ Hi-Tech                1/32


Special Hobby 1/48                       

SH48057              Buffalo model 339-23 ‘RAAF & USAAF’ 1/48

SH48200              SNCAC NC.701 Martinet              1/48

SH48207              SIAI-Marchetti SF.260AM/M/W               1/48

SH48209              SK-37 Viggen Trainer     1/48

SH48210              Heinkel He 177 A-3         1/48

SH48211              Avro Anson Mk.I             1/48

SH48220              J-3 Cub 1/48

SH48223              SMB-2 Super Mystere  1/48

SH48225              AF-2 Guardian ‘Fire Bomber’     1/48

SH48227              Airspeed Oxford Mk.I ‘Gunner Trainer’               1/48

SH48228              Potez 637 ‘Recce Version’           1/48

SH48229              Fiat Br.20 Cicogna ‘Bomber over Two Continents’           1/48

SH48231              T-2 Buckeye ‘Special Markings’ 1/48

SH48232              AH-1Q/S Cobra ‘US & Turkish Army’      1/48

SH48233              Seafire Mk.XV ‘FAA & RCN Service’        1/48


Special Hobby 1/72                       

SH72152              Fairey Albacore Mk.I     1/72

SH72172              CH-37C "Deuce USMC" 1/72

SH72357              Mirage F.1CT     1/72

SH72367              P-40D Warhawk/Kittyhawk Mk.I ‘Four Guns’    1/72

SH72381              SK-37 Viggen     1/72

SH72391              DH.100 Vampire 6 'Pinocchio Nose'        1/72

SH72420              Potez 25A2 ‘Jupiter Version’      1/72

SH72425              Hudson Mk.IV/V/VI       1/72

SH72428              Heinkel He 59    1/72

SH72452              DH. Mosquito PR Mk.XVI            1/72

SH72460              P-70 Nighthawk               1/72

SH72465              DB-8A/3N ‘Outnumbered and Fearless’              1/72

SH72466              Aero A-12 ‘the First of the Family’          1/72

SH72473              CAC Wirraway ‘In training and combat’ 1/72

SH72474              Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1/B ‘Hit and Run Raiders’            1/72

SH72475              Heinkel He 162A Spatz ‘Captured Birds’               1/72

SH72476              Mirage IIIC ‘Armée de l'Air’        1/72

SH72478              A-20G Havoc ‘Low Altitude Raiders’       1/72

SH72479              Nakajima Ki-43-II Ko/Otsu ‘Japan's allies’            1/72

SH72480              SAAB J/A-21R ‘First Jet made in Sveden’             1/72

SH72481              Caproni Ca.310 1/72

SH72482              Seafire FR Mk.46             1/72

SH72484              P-40N Warhawk / Kittyhawk Mk.IV        1/72

SH72485              Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory ‘Captured and Post War Service’           1/72

SH72486              P-40M Warhawk / Kittyhawk Mk.III ‘involuntarily from Russia to Finland’           1/72

SH72487              Gloster Meteor TT Mk.20            1/72

SH72488              Nakajima Ki-43-III Hayabusa / Oscar       1/72

SH72489              CASA C-212-300 ‘Long Nosed Casas’      1/72

SH72490              Fouga CM.170 Magister ‘Acrobatic Teams’         1/72

SH72491              Junkers W-34Hi                1/72


Special Navy 1/72                          

SN72007              Kriegsfischkutter             1/72


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