Rescue Maria! - a Sunderland Mk.I built by Martin Pfeifer

   At night of 16-17 April 1941, Sunderland Mk.I NM-X/L2160 landed at the Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor) with a simple task to pick up Maria and take back her to Greece. This Maria was a code name of a group of Czechoslovak intelligence officers operating in Yugoslavia. 
   And this very machine with the important significance for the Czech resistance movement is among the four scheme options covered by our kit no. SH72438. And it was just because of this Sunderland's role in our history that Martin Pfeifer has chosen to build it for us. Czech language readers interested to learn more about the Maria rescue operation might like to read the excellent article written by M.Pajer published in the Hobby Historie magazine issue no.2. Sadly, this magazine is already defunct.


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