Troops and Weapons Defending Ukraine - in 1/35

    Last Friday it was a year since Putin's Russia invaded Ukraine. Completely useless and unprovoked act of aggression against a free and independent state only showed what the political leadership of Russia does stand for and that Russia itself is only a colossus with feet of clay. And as Russia has not achieved its goals, it reverts to terrorizing the civilians. With his rhetorics and deeds, Putin is almost closely following Hitler's scenario from 1938-39.
   The response from the civilized world has been clear, it stands behind Ukraine and keeps supporting her both morally and materially including the very important arms deliveries. The Ukraina-made weapons systems has also proved very important and much better than the Russian ones. And 1/35 scale models of some of these weapons can be found among our products, too. These are the Western made anti-tank systems  FGM-148 JavelinNLAWPanzerfaust 3,  MG 3 machine guns and the Ukraina-made Stugna - P anti-tank missile. For two of these missiles we also offer a set of figures, you can chose from either the Javelin-armed tank destroyer or the Tank Buster with a NLAW. All these sets are made by the direct 3D print method and except fot the machine gun set they contain also etches and decals.


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