Journey to the Past - the Arado Ar 68E CMK72001 by Šimon Vavrečka

Today's post truly brings you way back to the model history. The photos show the 1/72 model of the Arado Ar 68E built by Mr.Šimon Vavřečka from CMK001 injection moulded kit. And it was one of the very first model kit sets made by what is now known as Special Hobby company. It may have been released in 1990 or 1991, the fact is no-one here really remembers when it was. What we know for sure though is that the next model was the Arado Ar 68F under the cat no CMK002. And all the next kits were produced under the MPM label. To today's model - Šimon says that despite the age of the model it built rather well with the only issue being the length of the inter wing struts.


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