Mirage IIIC - a built model plus mould work in progress

   The photos of the superbly built NMF coloured Mirage IIICJ (SH72352) in Israeli Air Force guise show a model built by Milan Zach, a member of the Merry Modelbuilders Club. The Mirage IIIC kits do sell very well and many of you have already built one or even more. And if a French jet in French colours (SH72476) is what you are after, just please bear with us one month more as the last one of the moulds is currently being finished by the skilful team of our toolmakers. They have four machines at hand so the job should be done rather swiftly.
   The mould photos have been made by me using a mobile only, the model ones are taken by our Ondrej Hajek.

A. R.


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