SH48150 SK-37E Viggen - a very dynamic looking model by Takis Zarkadis

   Today, Greek modeller Takis Zarkadis shares with us the photos of a SH48150 SK-37E Viggen model that he has built. A very good idea indeed and quite nicely done too. His Viggen jet climbs steeply up in a very dynamic manner. Not very often seen on model shows or one's display case. The instructor and trainee figures in the cockpits come from Takis' spare parts box. We would like to suggest otherwise and offer you the following figures of pilots F48350, F48351 or ground crew F48360. Model no. SH48150 can't be bough any longer, so aim for SH48209 SK-37 Viggen Trainer instead. Our huge thanks for the photos go to Greece of course!


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