SH72466 Aero A-12 in 1/72 - work in progress

 Following the Blue Bird - kit no.SH72471 Aero A-11, Special Hobby crew are working on its predecessor, the Aero A-12 biplane. It is a fact. What is not known yet is the title this release will get, and there seem to be several options. Even though the Aero A-12 was a bit left in the shadow of the famous A-11, it made a very important impact on the aviation history. So the kit's title might be something like ‘The First of the Line or The First of the Family’. Some of the A-12s took part in the 2nd Air Race for the Trophy of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic and won it in the two seater class. So, the kit's title might also reflect this. And a couple of world records held by Czechoslovak crew relate to the Air Race, too, and it brings more possibilities still. Anyway, the airframes that took part in the race will be subject of the colour schemes in the kit, which will also offer both styles of the radiators, the box-like one mounted atop the wing centre section as well as that found either side of the fuselage.


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