The Monstre is Back - the 1/72 SH72172 CH-37C Deuce about to become available again

The twin engine, piston engine CH-37 Mojave helicopter, also known as the Deuce, was the world's largest helicopter of its time. The type saw military service in the Vietnam War, both with the US Army and the Marines. And now we are about to re-release the model with the Marines decals, though in a limited quantity only. As the kits are sold for about USD 150 at the E-bay, we feel we will make many a modeller rather happy. Of course, our re-release will be for much more affordable price. And what is more, the kit will also contain a newly designed special sprue with correct size external tanks. The old ones were a bit bigger than should have been. There are three colour schemes as per the ooriginal release.


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