SH48220 J-3 ‘Cub Goes to War’ in 1/48 - box contents shown

   The J-3 Cub, a Ford T of the US aviation, was born in the latter stages of the Great Depression. The simple top wing monoplane demonstrated excellent viability and its fame continues to these days. There are still dozens if not hundreds of them flying still around  the world today along with their successors, the Super Cubs. The Cubs' service with the military kicked off in a rather inconspicious way as the type at was first tested as an observation platform borrowed by the Army (not the Air Force though) from civilian operators. And as the test flights were a success, the orders calling for the militarized L-4 Grasshopper followed shortly in quite large numbers. With the war about to break out, civilian flying schools began training military pilots too under contracts with the US government. 
   And exactly such airframes are the subject of our new release, the 1/48 SH48220 J-3 ‘Cub Goes to War’ kit. The options cover a fresh military J-3/O-59 aiframe, one of the ex-civvy machine on a lease with the US Army and finally a Cub of one of Texas-based civilian flying schools - and the schemes can be seen here
   The same accessories as produce for the L-4 variety can be used to add more detail also to this J-3 kit, and these are the Wheels and the 3D-printed power plant. Only the mask set is specific to this kit as the J-3 glazing was different.


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