SH72478 A-20G A-20G Havoc ‘Low Altitude Raiders’ in 1/72 built by Maertin Pfeifer

In the Pacific, both the US and Australian military operated the Havoc/Boston  in the low level attack role. Their crew bombed and gun-straffed enemy's airfields, troops assembly points, vehicles on the ground and vessels on the sea. The noses of these straffers very often carried various morale-boosting images, appropriately named nose arts. 
   And such are also the two chosen machines depicted in our SH72478 A-20G Havoc ‘Low Altitude Raiders’ kit. One of them has already been fabulously built by Martin Pfeifer who also used the M72021 mask set. There are much more detail sets also available, let us mention the CMK range 7426 A-20G/H/J/K cockpit, 7427 A-20G/H/J/K Gun Turret and in the Quick & Easy range of smaller sets also the packed dinghy Q72376 or wing bomb racks Q72359. And if the pilot figures is what you are after, then do not miss our US pilot sets which we have several various, or also an Aussie crew in the F72374 set.
Martin's A-20G with the Sweet Li'l Kitten on her nose does look stunning.



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