Swiss Pinocchio truly superb - 1/72 Vampire 6 by MathiasBecker

   Well we all know that Pinocchio comes from Italy, however in Switzerland they had several of them too. No not those long nose wooden lads, these Pinocchios were the special variety of the DH Vampire jet, version with number 6 and enlarged nose section resembling the fairy tale character indeed. Their fuselage pods were even made of the same material as the toy, wood. The rest of the airframe was standard aluminium stressed skin though. 
   Mathiass Becker has now built one such Pinocchio, using Special Hobby kit SH72391 that covers these Swiss long nosed aeroplanes. And what a superbly looking model Mathias made, really, and even very nice pictures too, with the background of the Alps. Many many thanks go to Mathias for the images.
   Let us also mention a couple of sets available for the model, these are Q72313 and Q72325 with wheels with two hub styles plus sets K72027 and K72029 of pre-painted etched details.


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