News from Special Hobby 06/2023

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   Among our new 1/48 scale releases of the past year, the top rated as well as best selling model kit set was the AH-1G Cobra. Which also resulted in the kit receiving the Modellfan Model of the Year award at the Nuremberg Model and Toy Fair. This month's Newsletter has the information on the anti-tank variety of that helicopter, the AH-1Q/S Cobra. Like the original, our model is also a follow up of the G version. And as the model is arguably quite popular with the modellers, we do believe the sales will be equally successful. Another model that this Newsletter has for you is the re-release of the 1/72 SH72386 Mirage F.1 EQ/ED and the final one among the styrene injected items is the 1/72 Seafire F/FR Mk.46.

   There is plenty more though, in the 3D-printed range we would like to point out to the 1/35 scale infantry fire arms, both of WW2 and later conflicts. Also do not miss the printed pilots' seats for the new 1/48 scale HK Models B-25 Mitchell kit. And this model will no doubt benefit from other sets, too, such as the resin cast mainwheels. The resin cast set range does have plenty more to offer, for instance the 1/48 A6M2 Zero Control Surfaces correction set or the excellent 1/32 scale German tool boxes. Our latest set for the 1/72 PT Boats, the 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft cannon comes in the form of cast resin parts joined by etches and printed details. And to learn much more, do continue reading this Newsletter. 

   The coming months will see the release of a limited edition of the already sold out T-2 Buckeye, both in the 1/48 and 1/32 scales. These kit sets will offer nice and really striking anniversary schemes, the 1/48 one is going to feature an important upgrade, an injected canopy. And the same type of upgrade is going to have a nice impact on the limited release of the 1/72 Heinkel He 59. And most possibly the highlight of the very near future is the 1/72 F-84F Thunderstreak model kit and its release date is getting closer with each day. 


A. Riedel


AH-1Q/S Cobra ‘US & Turkish Army’ 1/48

The AH-1G was the initial version of the iconic Cobra helicopter and had mainly been designed to provide close support to the ground troops. The US military quite quickly realised that what they also need is a weapon system capable of taking on enemy's armoured vehicles and tanks. And most urgent this need was felt in Europe where the danger of Soviet tank forces was almost palpatable. To enable the Cobra to operate in this role the new versions the Q and S were designed and the earlier G airframes were also rebuilt to this new standard. These new machines were armed with TOW anti-tank missiles. The rebuilt ones, however, still featured a few similarities with the earlier G Cobras. 
Our model can boast about possesing very nice levels of detail throughout and comes on as many as nine grey styrene sprues and one with clear parts. The decal sheet offers markings to enable the modeller to build one of four machines. Two of these are standard olive-overall US AH-1S Cobras and one of them sports the well-known bunny emblem on its dog-house and the other one flew with the Massachusetts National Guard, then there is one dark green US AH-1Q airframe and lastly also a Turkish Cobra in rather striking camouflage scheme consisting of three colours. excelentní detailní model.
-    interesting colour schemes
-    model of never before kitted version

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Mirage F.1 EQ/ED 1/72



    The Mirage F.1 EQ/ED is back now in a limited release – due to long lasting demand by modellers. The nicely detailed EQ/ED Mirage comes on as many as seven styrene sprues, one clear parts sprue, the kit also contains etched antennae and resin cast Exocet missile and launch rack.
   The decal sheet offers markings for two Iraqi machines, each of them in a different scheme, one machine as flown in Iran and the last scheme portrays machine from Libya.
 - finely detailed model
- four colourful schemes
- etches and resins already in the box
- available in limited numbers only
- with separately available range of resin sets and masks 

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Seafire F/FR Mk.46 1/72

   The Mk.46 variety of the Seafire was originaly a navalized Spitfire Mk.22, closely following their predecessor the Seafire Mk.45 and so possessing the fixed (not folding) wing with laminar type aerofoil. From the Mk.22, it inherited the low back rear fuselage and naval equipment, sting-type arrestor hook and catapult spools. Only twenty-four were built in the end as the definite Seafire FR.47 type had entered the production. Even the rather small number, two varieties existed, a fighter type and also the fighter-reconnaissance version fitted with cameras behind the cockpit. 
  The kit set comes on five styrene sprues joined by one with clear parts. The fuselage halves come in two styles, too, to depict the differences between the fighter and figher-recon airframes. The decal sheet caters for two machines as operated by No.1832 NAS RNVR at RNAS Culham. One of them is a fighter, the other one a fighter-recce FR Mk.46 machine.

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AH-1Q/S Cobra MASK 1/48

  Pre-cut masks to help you with spray-painting both the outside and inside of the extensive canopy glazing of Special Hobby's 1/48 scale AH-1Q/S Cobra models.

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Spitfire Mk.22/24 and Seafire Mk.46/47 MASK 1/72

   Pre-cut spray masks for the clear parts and undercarriage wheels of Special Hobby’s family of Spitfires and Seafires in the versions Mk.22, Mk.24, Mk.46 and Mk.47.

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A6M2 Zero Control Surface Correction Set 1/48 / for Academy kit

     The 1/48 scale A6M2 Zero from Academy is a very nice kit indeed. Its only drawback seems to be fabric on the control surfaces that do not look like the real thing at all. So here you have our correction set which we believe will improve the kit.

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B-25 Mitchell Wheels/ Cross Tread Pattern 1/48 / for HK kit

 Finely detailed wheels and weighed tyres with cross-type pattern. The nose wheel comes in two types, both with and without the hub cover.

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German WWII Aircraft Maintenance Toolbox 1/32

  Our 1/48 4415 Toolbox set is among our best selling items indeed. It simply could not have been overlooked and so we upscaled the set to 1/32 with many more details of course. Suits dioramas of German (as well as other) WW2 aircraft and military vehicles.

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IAF Mirage IIICJ Pilot & Female Ground Crew 1/72

   Israel is among the handful of countries whose military rely also upon the women soldiers. Our set contains a pair of figures, one depicts a jet aircraft pilot while the other one is a female member of the ground crew. Both of them suit very well our new and no doubt superb model of the Mirage IIICJ delta. Other military planes of that era can be used as a backdrop too, of course.

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PT Boat Weapon Set No.6 - Bofors 40mm AA/AS Gun 1/72 / for Revell kits

  The 40mm Boffors gun was a standard and universal anti-tank and anti-vessel armament widely used on US Navy boats as well as with other allied fleets. It was used on many boats, among others on US PT Boats of later production standards, where it was mounted on the stern. Our set mixes several technologies and contains resin cast parts, etched details, as well as 3D printed parts. The parts directly replace the original styrene items of the Revell kit and bring much better levels of detail.

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Hurricane Mk.I/II Main Wheels (Four Spoke Hubs) and Tailwheel 1/32 / for Revell kit

   Nicely detailed four-spoke hub wheels with weighted tyres directly replacing the styrene ones of Revell’s kit.

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3D printed Parts

MG 42 German WWII Machine Gun (Early Variant) 1/35

   The MG 42 was a German machine gun used in the Second World War and in its early form introduced to the Wehrmacht in 1943 and used for example in the Battle of Stalingrad. Comes with etched parts as well.

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M1 Bazooka 1/35

  3D printed American WW2 anti-tank weapon, printed in great detail. Due to the chosen technology, the model offers levels of detail otherwise unthinkable. The Bazooka had been in service use since 1944 on all fronts where both the US Army and US Marines fought, in Europe as well as in the Pacific. Comes with etched parts as well.

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M18 57 mm Recoilless Rifle 1/35

   The set offers a nicely detailed 3D printed replica of the US made recoilless cannon that was developed and introduced to service in 1944. A two man team of a loader and a gunner supported their fellow fighters by a „pocket“ artillery fire. The weapon could be operated from shoulder, a tripod or even a M1917 heavy machine gun stand. The M18 saw wide use in the Korea war, and even though it had already been obsolete by then, it was also used by the Vietnamese army and used successfully in jungle battles against the communist PAVN. Thanks to being 3D printed, our set offers many very delicate details unachievable by any other production method. Besides the printed parts, the set also contains etches and offers the various styles of stands used, including that of the M1917 type.Comes with etches too.

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AK-74MN Soviet/Russian Assault Rifle / Laminated Full Gunstock Type 1/35

   Both the Russian aggressor forces and the Ukrainian defenders use the AK-74MN assault rifle in the war in Ukraine. These weapons, successors to the AK-47, are widely used by armies and militias world wide. Our set contains two examples of the rifle in the variety with the laminated wood gunstock. Comes with etches too.

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B-25D Late/H/J Mitchell Pilot Seats 1/48 / for HK,  Acc. Miniatures, Academy and Revell kits

   Detail pilots seats for the B-25 Mitchell. The co-pilot’s seat offers both the short and tall back rests variety. Etched seat belts also included.

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