The Orion V reach stacker was developed and manufactured by Herbst SMAG company to serve with the German military. The Orion V can be characterised as a compact system with off-road capability and performance. And it very well fits the Bunderwehr's need to handle containers even outside the existing infrastructure. The next requirement was also fast transport by road, railway, air or ocean. The Orion meets these requirements due to its removable grasp frame and operator's cabin. The frame can handle the standard 20-feet containers or compatible and matching cargo carriers. The Orion is capable of lifting loads of up to 24 t, and containers up to 16 t can be stacked three on top of each other. The frame can be rotate 360 degrees on the telescopic arm and so the system can load containers even in confined spaces.

The 1/72 scale model of the Orion V can be built from our Military Vehicle - MV106 kit. Why not get the right inspiration from these images of a training system at the Kiel naval station.


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