PT Boats accessory sets

The PT Boats (PT stands for Patrol Torpedo) Boats were used by the US Navy throughout WW2 and achieved their biggest success mainly in the Pacific Theatre of Operations (PTO). These rather small and unexpensive vessels were mainly tasked with taking on enemy's surface vessels even though they were also used to shell onshore targets. One of the best known PT Boats is the PT-109 which cres fought under the command of John Fitzgerald Kennedy who later became a presidend of the USA. During a mission in the Solomon Islands area on 2 August 1943, PT-109 was rammed, cut in half and sunk by the Japanese Amagiri destroyer. Kennedy and his crewmates had to find a hiding place on an island near New Georgia and try and survive for several days there having no food before they had been found and rescued. 

Revell's widely liked model kit of the PT Boats will no doubt benefit from the addition of some or all of our sets which definitely raise their detail levels much further. One of the latests sets that is going to become available this month is also N72044 - anti aircraft and anti ship 40mm Bofors gun.


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