The very last chance to get the FH-1 Phantom SH72297

 The Mc Donnell FH-1 Phantom was a very important jet fighter aircraft developed for service aboard US Navy carriers. The development of this very first carrier-borne jet fighter had begun already before the end of WW2. 

The FH-1 had several first under its belt, the first jet to land on a US carrier, the first jet to serve with the Marines, albeit for a restricted period only and even so it did persuade the Admiralty of the benefits of having and using jets from carrier decks. The type was also McDonnell's first successful undertaking with several more to come in its wake, such as the F2H Banshee for example, which would later become one of the most important carrier based jet fighters of the Korea War. 

With only several of the kits available now, you have now possibly the very last chance to get your SH72297 model if you have missed it earlier. This kit set features the 1/72 Phantom airframes that took part in the Marine Phantoms display team (as also shown in today's photos) So do not hesitate and make your order now. THe produciton of the kit has been ceased and no re-relase is anywhere near.


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