News from Special Hobby 08/2023

   In a San Antonio hotel room, this is where I am writing this very lines now. Still full of impressions from the IPMS USA show that has taken place in San Marcos this year. It was a very successful event for us indeed and we are so very happy that US modellers do like our production, our models and sets. And as it seems many of them are already looking forward to the new models of which the test shots were displayed at the show. Amongs others it was the 1/72 F-84F model, the first boxing of which is supposed to hit the market this October. The GErman 1/72 Kriegsfischkutter and 1/48 Baltimore bomber were much liked, too. These are due for release until the end of the year. And one cannot forget to mention the Titan submersible vessel that also gained plenty of attention from the visitors.
   Besides that fateful Titan and the great many other new models and sets, this newsletter wants to turn your attention to a couple of re-releases, namely the earlier sold-out 1/72 Sunderland Mk.III and Ki-54 kits and 1/48 Maryland Mk.I/II.



Kittyhawk Mk.IV ‘Over the Mediterranean and the Pacific’ 1/72

   The US-built P-40 Warhawk fighter aeroplane is one of the WW2 iconic types and flew also with the air forces of Commonwealth countries where it bore the name Kittyhawk. The final mass produced version was the P-40N, introduced to service in 1944, and with the allies known as the Kittyhawk Mk.IV.
   The truly superb model kit of this important fighter contains a decal sheet with markings for a No.87 Sqn RAAF machine named Black Magic flown by the only aborignal Austalian pilot, F/Sgt Leonard Victor Waters. The other machine offered in the kit was used by No.450 Sqn RAAF operating in Italy and this kite wore a semi-naked girl emblem on its cowl.

-    Superb model
-    Interesting painting schemes
-    Wide range of resin accessory sets
-    Pre-cut masks M72016 also available

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Seafire Mk.15 ‘FAA & RCN Service’ 1/48



   The Seafire Mk.15 of the immediate post war period was the first ever Seafire powered by the Griffon to see the regular service. Besides the FAA, Mk.15 Seafires also flew with the Royal Canadian Navy. Our model contains also etches and offers two schemes, one as with the British Fleet Air Arm while the other option portrays a machine from Canada. The British machine had one of its outer wing panels replaced and still carrying the earlier scheme colours which makes it now rather interesting-looking indeed. The Canadian airframe had a unique scheme typical for the later machines flown with the RCN.

-    The only available 1/48 Seafire XV model kit
-    Interesting schemes
-    Contains photo etched parts
-    Pre-cut masks M48019 also available

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Short Sunderland Mk.III ‘U-Boat Killers’ 1/72

   This is a model of arguably one of the most famous flying boats of all times. The Mk.III was a war period version of the Sunderland and was introduced to service in the winter of 1941-42. It differed from the earlier versions by having its hull step of an improved shape and also carried the machine gun armament in turrets. Due to the long range and heavy armament, the Mk.III Sunderland was a very dangerous opponent to the Luftwaffe as well as an efficient submarine hunter that was able to defend itself even against enemy'slong range fighter aeroplanes. And this is also made clear by the chosen colour scheme options and their history as two of the four machines in our kit have a sunken submarine each under their belts. Another machine is also famous for being able to defend itself to overwhelming superiority of eight German fighters, of which three the brave crew managed to shoot down. THe model is available once again, but only in a limited quantity.

-    a model of the iconic British anti-submarine flying boat
-    decals for three British machines (1x Canadian sqn, 2x Aussie sqn) plus one French airframe
-    superbly detialed interior
-    panel lines in scale, not overdone

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Maryland Mk.I/II ‘Warburton`s War’ 1/48

   The Martin 167 medium bomber was manufacured in the USA, however it has never been used by the US military. On the other hand, overseas, the French and British showed their interest in the type and placed the orders. In Britain, the type received the name Maryland and while the French aiframes arrived in time to get involved in defending France in 1940, the British ones were operated in Africa and over the Mediterranean, with RAF and SAAF units. And a few of them also flew in the reconnaissance role, made most famous by the excellent recce pilot Adrian Warburton. One of whose machines, an originally French one and based in Malta, is also amongst our colour schemes in this kit. The other two schemes portray machines as used by the RAF and SAAF. 
   In total four styrene sprues with one of clear parts are joined by etches and resin details. The model has returned to our range in a limited quantity only.

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Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei / Hickory 1/72

   Japanese twin-engined aircraft of the WW2 era. The type was produced in four main versions, the pilot training version, navigator and wireless operator training, gunners training and also as in the transport and anti-submarine version. The model kit contains four styrene sprues and one with clear parts.
   This kitset is a model of the transport version and offers markings for three Japanese airframes, one of which comes in two schemes. Amongs these aiframes is also a Ki-54 Hei / Hickory, c/n 5541, that due to the engine failure made a crash langing on the Towada Lake on 27 September 1943. The wreckage of this Hickory was recovered from the lake on 5 Sept 2021 and now is on display at the Misawa museum. Another machine with rather interesting past it that of the 10.Dokuritsu Hikodan Shirebu which was used to fly the surrender delegation led by LtGen Matsuo Baba to Borneo. The decal sheet also contains the capitulation markings for this very plane. The kit is now available once again, in a limited quantity though.

-    never kitted before in styrene forma
-    decals for machines with interesting history
-    pre-cut masks also available

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Seafire Mk.15 MASK 1/48

   Pre-cut painting masks for the clear parts and undercarriage wheels of Special Hobby’s Seafire Mk.XV kit set.

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Super Mystere SMB-2  MASK 1/48

   Pre-cut painting masks for the clear parts and undercarriage wheels of Special Hobby’s SMB.2 kit set and its Azur/From reboxing.

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Dornier Do 17Z - Wing Fuel Tank Panels & Filler Caps (2 pcs.) 1/48

  This fuel tank set is designed for the Dornier Do 17Z model kit. It contains also the wing internal structure, the detachable panels covering the tanks on the wing undersurfaces and also the open filler point caps located on the wing uppersurface.

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Army Zetor tractor driver and mechanic 1/72

    A pair soldier figures, one driving a tractor and another one connecting the tow bar to a MiG-15 jet fighter. The set was designed to fit our MV128 Zetor 25 kit.

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3D printed Parts

Titan ‘Research and Tourist Submarine’ 1/72

   The Titan submersible vessel was used to explore and research the wreck of the Titanic as well as to carry paying passengers to the site of the infamous wreck. Sadly, this supposedly state of art vessel met its fate not dissimilar to that of the transocean liner. Our model of the submersible is made by the means of 3D printing to achieve the best possible detailing. The whole model, which is made in 1/72 scale, consist of only three parts, all of which in the top quality indeed. THese are the main hull, the semi spherical front door section and a clear window. The kit set also contains a sheet of decals.

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Sow with piglets 1/48

    Very nicely 3D printed sow with her three youngs. This animaly family will make an unusual basis for a country related diorama or add welcome detail to other types of dioramas, too. It is just about the modeller's creativity.

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Slaughtered pig suspended on a pulley 1/48

   The most important component of the diorama that shows the usual ends of the domestic pig. The slaughtering and the pig hung over a wooden washtub was a common sight of a rural life. Now it is up to the modeller themselves to decide whether to use the poor beast in a civil or military sort of diorama. The set is completely 3D printed to the 1/48th scale.

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Slaughtered pig suspended on a pulley 1/72

   The most important component of the diorama that shows the usual ends of the domestic pig. The slaughtering and the pig hung over a wooden washtub was a common sight of a rural life. Now it is up to the modeller themselves to decide whether to use the poor beast in a civil or military sort of diorama. The set is completely 3D printed to the 1/72nd scale.

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Dromedary (2 pcs) 1/72

   A pair of 3D-printed single-hump camels. Fits dioramas from Africa and Middle East, from the ancient times to the present day, also suitable for American dioramas from 1856 to 1900 – namely depicting the US Conferedarion army, and for Australian dioramas from 1866 to the present.

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Bactrian Camel (2 pcs) 1/72

   A pair of two-hump camels, also known as the Mongolian Camel, made on a 3D printer. Can be used in any diorama from ancient times to the present day.

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60 cm Flak Scheinwerfer (Flak Sw-36) mit Sd.Ah.51 / Světlomet 60N s vlekem 1/72

   German WW2 searchlight with 60cm parabolic reflector. Used both by the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht to search for enemy aircraft during night raids as well as to illuminate airfields at night. The kit including the Sd.Ah51 transport trolley is 3D printed. The assembled searchlight can be put on the trolley and removed again. The device was also used after the war by the Czechoslovak Army, alongside other captured ex-German armament, and it was known as the 60N Searchlight.

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M1A1 Bazooka 1/35

  The improved model of the Bazooka, known also as the M1A1, is now available in this set made of direct 3D print. And the set also contains a resin cast template which will assist you in shaping the etched the funnel-shaped protection plate. The M1A1 Bazooka was wery succesful weapon in the late stages of the war, both in Europe and in Pacific.

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