Race Numbers on the Aero Record Breakers - decals of the 1/72 Aero A-12 kit

The Aero A-12 The First Record Breakers (SH72466) kit also contains a decal sheet that, at the first look, may seem a bit fishy. The five colour options portray airframes that took part in the 2nd Air Speed Race for the Trophy of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic. And what seems to be the trouble with the decals? Do take a look. And no, our graphic designer did not make a spectacular mistake here. Some of the underwing race numbers were indeed mirrored, as shown in the period photos. However, only on machines of Air Regiment 3 (with the black cross regiment badge on the fuselage) Other machines had their underwing numbers in the correct shape, and these were the machines registered for the races by the Aero company itself. Meaning - the factory painters somehow knew to paint the numerals correctly while those coming from military backgroud did not. 


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